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An alter ego of Kuniva, aka Von Carlisle, a member of the hip hop group Dirty Dozen, originating from Detroit, Michigan.

Rondell Beene can be described as a boisterous, brash, yet somewhat collected public menace, in and out of the music industry and the streets, capable of survival by any means necessary. Don't play dumb with Rondell. He is a self-proclaimed 'pimp of all pimps'. He knows his way in and out of a sanitarium, and has helped shape the fundamentals of pimpin. A potential adversary not easy to trifle with, with a penchant for blasting security guards, and holding individuals hostage, and if not then at least prisoner. Sometimes, he may accidentally kill said hostage.

Rondell Beene has been featured on a handful of recordings spanning most of Dirty Dozen's members' solo albums, as well as albums released collectively under Dirty Dozen.

Kuniva also has another alter-ego, Hannz G. Whether the two are related is currently unknown by this writer.
...in other news, public Detroit menace Rondell Beene has arrived on the motha' fuckin' scene...
by TRWoof August 14, 2018
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The famous one liner used by Chris Hansen in his interviews of potential sexual predators as seen on Dateline NBC's 'To Catch a Predator'.
Upon walking into the room in which the potential predator and the decoy (the latter of which may not be in the room at the time) meet, Chris usually starts off with asking the potential predator something that has to do with what the potential predator and the decoy were just discussing, and then asks the potential predator to "take a seat".

The phrase 'take a seat' and 'have a seat' are often interchanged.
Decoy: "I made you some cookies but I got chocolate on my shirt, I gotta go change it really fast but I left them on the table for you."
(about 10-15 seconds pass)
Chris Hansen: "So no cookies for you then? Why don't you go ahead and take a seat on that stool there for me please".
by TRWoof December 28, 2017
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Trass is simply a different, easier, and chiller way of saying 'Trash'.

Similar to how some people pronounce the word 'Ask' as 'Axe'.
Bizarre of D12: "...from the home of potholes and 'trass', we'll lyrically blast."

Person 1: This player is fuckin' 'trass'. Get him the fuck out of this lobby.
by TRWoof June 7, 2018
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360 (three six zero)

The area code of Western Washington state outside of metropolitan Seattle, Washington.

Can be written and pronounced as '36Z' (three-six-zee) or '360' (three sixty) as well.
'He likes to rap about how he reps the 360, but really he's lived in Southern California all of his life and has only been in Olympia for 2 years. He hasn't even switched his license plate to a WA plate.'

'My phone number is 360 - xxx - xxxx. I usually answer if I'm not too strung out from junk.'

'Everybody from the 36Z, throw your motherfuckin' hands up and follow me...'
by TRWoof June 1, 2018
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A 'black box' describes the state of mind one can experience that is associated with isolation, pain, frustration, and other negative synonyms of the like.

It describes how one feels when they are trapped, obstructed, or even empowered (even if empowerment is false) by something that is affecting them psychologically.
Person 1: I find myself returned to my 'Black Box'. I forgot how I got here, or how I ever even found it in the first place. When I'm here, I don't feel like myself. But to tell the trurth, I still am, myself.

Person A: "Daryl's going to the 'Black Box' again... should we help him?"
Person B: "Nah, he can let himself out of it eventually, he's used to it. It's probably for his benefit, it's all he knows anyway. Just let him be."
by TRWoof June 19, 2018
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A phrase/exclamation meaning to have someone draw focus to a certain person/group which strikes interest in the individual who said 'Point Him Out', typically used to strike fear or display confidence.

In laymens terms, when one says 'Point Him Out', it usually means that they are ready to confront someone or multiple people who are inferior in power, wealth, status, or overall ability to react accordingly. It can also be used to highlight someone or multiple people in an accusatory fashion, usually negative in nature.
Person 1: Who the fuck drank all my orange juice? This was the last fuckin' carton. Come on- 'Point Him Out'. I told you all not to lay a finger on my shit! God damnit.

Person A: Who the fuck is next? 'Point Him Out' 'Point Him Out'! That's right, I thought not, fuckin' pussies.

Swift McVay of D12:

"...Whoever thought that I was a hoe,

I let 'em know right now, it's Dirty Dozen forever, take a bow-
'Point Him Out', we will rush his clique
Toughest nigga in the crowd would turn around and be like fuck this shit..."
by TRWoof June 7, 2018
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A term used to describe a smoking mixture of tobacco and marijuana that one inhales when ignited via smoking devices excluding rolling papers and cigar wraps.

It is similar to a spliff, except it is prepared in a bowl piece in place of a rolling paper or cigar wrap.
Person 1: Hey man, you want a moki?
Person 2: What is that?
Person 1: It is a mixture of tobacco and marijuana, and you smoke it out of a pipe or a water pipe, or pretty much anything with a bowl in it.
Person 2: Sure.
by TRWoof June 8, 2018
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