The first thing you should make in case of emergency
"There are zombies outside! What will we do?"
"Build a bivouac."

"Hey, there's a fire! I wonder if there's anything we can do to help?"
"Let's make a bivouac."

Shit, bank robbers. What do we do?
by Orion Fowl February 11, 2012
to hit someone in the face with your penis (only males and transexuals are able to perform this feat)
She was going down on me and was starting to give me blue-balls, so I bivouac'ed her.
by afern2007 November 24, 2006
Something that is UNBELIEVABLE whack (ouac). You can have things that are lame, whack...but when its indescribably bad, it's Bivouac.
Yo, I went to see that new movie Open Water, that shit was Bivouac!
by Retroafro June 27, 2005
something that's whak....something that's bad
girls are so bivouac!
by Anonymous April 18, 2003