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Dude 1: yo man, where were you last night, you missed out on a crazy ass party.

Dude 2: went over to leana's house for some sports and milk.

Dude 1: BO!
by Retroafro August 29, 2005
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la croix means "the cross"
"Jésus est mort sur la croix"
by Retroafro July 26, 2005
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Something that is UNBELIEVABLE whack (ouac). You can have things that are lame, whack...but when its indescribably bad, it's Bivouac.
Yo, I went to see that new movie Open Water, that shit was Bivouac!
by Retroafro June 27, 2005
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A slush is a combination slut/lush; a portmanteau if you will...if i may. a slush is a woman who is promiscuous and drinks heavily; constantly. they can usually be found at your local dive bar most nights of the week. they have no outward care towards responsibility related things, they mostly prefer to drink and sleep around.
i met this sloppy slush at the bar last night. she's not much to look at but she can hold her liquor like a pirate.
by Retroafro December 16, 2005
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