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A joining of the words 'little' and 'bit' to make the contraction noun 'bittle'.
"Hey Ralphy, i'll be back in a bittle"

"George, how much of that cake did you eat?"
"Only a bittle"

"David, how much beer is left in that funnel?"
"A bittle"

"That sounds a bittle like a train coming"
by Casey O. December 13, 2005
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A little battle, or a small argument.
James: "So I heard you guys arguing last night."

Anna: "Yeah, but it wasn't that big of a deal, it was more of a bittle than an argument."
by V. Ferdinand November 09, 2011
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New slang for penis/dick/cock. Usage began via internet, but has grown in popularity around Chicago, especially the Hyde Park area.
Yo- she want the Bittle.

Suck my Bittle.

Stop being such a Bittle.
by Phoenix17 August 13, 2013
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A 'cute' alternative to the word 'bit' in the phrase 'In a bit'. Usually muttered upon departing the residence of a chum, to express solidarity, and to confirm that the two individuals will indeed cross paths again soon.

Can also be used with the additional word 'shittles', as an alternative the the phrase, 'In a bit, shit.' This charming addition provides a aura of cheekiness to the original display of solidarity, often used after a particularly raucous and prolonged gathering.
'I'm gonna be off now, in a bittles.'

Right, I'm done, in a bittles, shittles!
by Cunt Face Magee April 28, 2011
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