So, most expansively, what I’d call Hyde Park extends from 47th Street to the Midway and from Lake Michigan to Cottage Grove. Some people really emphasize the distinction between (South) Kenwood and Hyde Park, but I don’t.

For almost 60 years, Hyde Park has been a proud, wholly artificial-seeming bubble in the midst of a sprawling black ghetto. 120 years ago, it was a swamp plus a thousand tons of earth dumped into the lake, conveniently accessible via rail. Today, portions of it need to be saved (or paved). Every tenth adult you meet is one of those eternal University hangers-on, while another tenth have made their relations with it (the University, that is) work.

There are grad students, working people, crackheads, neoliberals, and modestly successful 53rd Street gangsters… Think lakefront high-rises and walk-ups on 54th… There are bars on 55th Street, two Thai restaurants for every Thai person, bookstores on every major E-W thoroughfare, and like maybe even too many coffee shops, including that 24-hr Dunkin’ Donuts just off Dorchester – not to mention the whole Obama thing.

So, what is there to define that I cannot fully define? The parks are beautiful, the winters are frigid. We’re on the South Side, so you should root for the White Sox. I like it, I really do.
Hyde Park: halfway between Englewood and Evanston, locked in its own strange subspace. The neighborhood that sort of works.
by ok_brothrags January 30, 2011
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A part of Boston that, despite the idiots on here, is not "the hood." Hyde Park is a relatively nice part of Boston that contains Readville and Fairmount. It has a few bangers but is mostly a nice place to live.
My friend Will works at Ron's in Hyde Park, it's not a bad place
by Boston for life January 30, 2008
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Section of Austin, close to the university, that is full of shabby-chic, happily dilapidated little old homes that are owned by savvy UT faculty members and Austin business leaders, and then rented to college students who either get two roommates per room to make the rent, or whose parents have a spare 2-3K a month so that Schulyer/Dylan/Kaitlin/Caleb/insert trendy-late-eighties-early-nineties kid name here can pretend they didn't grow up in Highland Park in Dallas or hope that nobody finds out they went to Westlake High School in Austin. Hyde Park is perfect for upper middle class kids who want to pretend they're slumming it - but with STYLE! See, because living in a four-room house with a sagging roof seems much cooler if you remember that maybe Elisabet Ney once ate soup under said saggy leaking roof.

It's really a sweet neighborhood, but none of the houses are very big, none of them are really kept up very well, and you really have to find creaky floors with missing planks, windows that don't open, chipped lead paint, ancient plumbing, and having one teeny-tiny bathroom in a house with two or three bedrooms "charming". Many do, especially when they first live in Austin. After graduating and getting a job that pays actual money, nobody still lives there. Hyde Park is like Neverland, ha ha. It's a really young neighborhood full of young college kids from all socio-economic backgrounds - the poorer ones have roommates and the wealthier ones have their own place.
Hey, I just graduated and got a job with Dell. So sue me! I know I had planned to be a novelist and a rap star and a fashion model, but it turns out that I'm not that talented or good looking, so I got a job. So sad - but I have money now! I'd better get to Round Rock or Bee Cave before anyone finds out that I've sold my soul to yuppies. Oh well! For funsies, I'll have brunch or linner at Hyde Park cafe now and again to remind myself of the good old days when I lived in this neighborhood, drove by here, and thought about eating here but all I could afford was a big plate of fries shared with 18 of my Hyde Park neighbors at the first of the semesters when our student loan checks came in and we all splurged. Those were the days! Now to cruise sixth street and curse and mock all the frat boys, even though I used to be one.
by chicorico89 June 11, 2010
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Best Ends in Leeds, better than all nitty areas like Harehills,Chapeltown,Hawky and Beeston. Realist people around💯,everyone knows eachother around here, it’s like one big family♥️, and one of our speciality’s is our celebrations never stop aka the fireworks🔥😎
Hyde Park has the realist people my g❣️
by Unknown1717 October 21, 2019
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Town in Upstate New York. Full of trailer parks and hoes. Known for the teacher who stabbed himself in the bathroom and blamed it on a student and the kid who ran around naked then got his dick cut off. Yes, this seriously happened in America. Worst of all, in New York.
OMG look at that ho all up on my man.

Don't sweat that bitch she goes to FDR.

Eww she's from Hyde Park. Damn he must really be desperate.
by don't worry about that August 8, 2005
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ghetto section of boston with real gangstas
ain't no fakes in hyde park
by some polak November 13, 2004
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the gangsterest hood in the nati everrr, its the shit mannn, holla at me

also known as HP
I rolled in hyde park with the thuggs in my infiniti
by Franky P February 21, 2004
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