Slang word referring to the north eastern region of the U.S. state of Kansas.

The Bite is what prevents Kansas from being a true quadrilateral state like Colorado, Wyoming etc.

Most everyone recognizes "The Bite" as the best place in Kansas to live; unless they are from Wichita or Manhattan. The NE corner is home to quasi-cool places like Lawrence, Olathe, Overland Park and the state capital, Topeka. It's less dry and much less flat than western Kansas.
by 14012008011413070515180705 n August 31, 2005
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Food, typically associated with the meals of brunch or breakfast, that is of high quality, typically rich in flavor, healthful, and generally diminutive portion size. Although it can be used in the idiomatic expression "to grab a bite-bite," it is more typically used to describe the offerings of a restaurant -- usually to make a distinction between this type of food and typical greasy spoon diner fare.

Chiefly Midwestern.
"You guys should check out the new French-style cafe in my neighborhood. They have coffee there, AND bite-bites."
by milesmonroe October 12, 2011
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1. To wipe out, crash or fall off.
He'll bite itif he attemps that jump.
by 5'11"Racer September 20, 2006
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Copying another rap artist's lyrics in a plagiaristic form. This is often done while rapping "freestyle"
I thought Tyrone was gonna freestyle but I caught him biting off LL Cool J.
by TommyNoleBuc August 18, 2007
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To rip off another person's style, especially with respect to music or fashion. From early hip-hop culture.
Why don't you come up with your own sound instead of biting every track that hits it big in the clubs?
by Greenie April 12, 2004
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To be highly disagreeable or annoying. An exclamation for something that is bad.
by Said February 05, 2003
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The theft of another's artistic ideas, concepts, styles, etc.
"... There is nothing original, innovative or groundbreaking about their whole crew, they're all biting from the originators!. ..."
by HipHop Philosophy Radio February 05, 2015
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