Rituals are predefined sequences characterized by rigidity, formality, and repetition that are embedded in a larger system of symbolism and meaning but contain elements that lack direct instrumental purpose.
(1) The footballer is going through their pre-game ritual. Don't disturb them.

(2) That fraternity/society has a specific hazing ritual.

(3) Some people perform mating rituals

(4) Religion is known for having many different rituals.
by TheCleverDumbass July 16, 2019
Every Friday between noon and six pm when Engineering student's a Queen's gather at Clark Hall to celebrate a long and hard week by having a couple drinks.
You going to Ritual today?
by alexk33alt August 17, 2010
The best Dubstep weekly west of the Mississippi, Frequented by only the coolest of cool people and thrown by the infamous Irie Cartel
Did you see Mochipet throw down at Ritual last night?
by CrazyCelt August 6, 2011
1. A religious custom. (See customs.)

2. An action repeated on a schedule.

3. A repetitive action motivated by a compulsion.
1. Judaism requires adherents to wash their hands as a ritual.

2. Employees are scheduled to wash their hands before returning to work.

3. Psychological compulsion may cause ritual hand-washing.
by Downstrike May 26, 2004
What you say at work when your talking about smoking weed
James-Aye you gonna perform your rituals tonight?

Mike-hell yeah
by phantomk June 23, 2013
The act of preforming a ritual.
The two penguins sat around the campfire ritualizing, cause they wanted to murder jschlatt and Charlie slimecicle, they were too sus for their own good and gay Satan came on them.
by SpaceXDragon August 23, 2021
a joint rolled up with weed and tobacco. a splif. may also contain small amounts of mugwort and/or mullein.
rich -short for ritual
you got any ritual on you?
mmmm -smells like ritual in here.
let's hit that rich bitch.
we're going to go git rich.
by yajohnson August 21, 2009