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a hairstyle popular in the late 80's early 90's. the bangs of the females hair are teased and hairsprayed inot a huge crest, like a cockatoo.the sides usually puff out until the female looks like a lion. commomly seen in the armpit of georgia, lindale and silver creek, where its popularity has not yet waned.
kim has a killer bitch flip.
by da trick biatch November 27, 2005
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When a woman goes from happy or mellow to a bitch with little or no reason. Not necessarily due to her time of the month.
I was talking to Sally today and with no warning she bitch flipped on me.
by Stauder February 18, 2009
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Not to be confused with a candyflip, it is combining a microdose of LSD with Adderall.
by Murica July 24, 2016
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