To behave in a manner that is perceived as strange, "uncool," or "homosexual." "Turn right" is derived from a track, where running left turns is standard.
1: Man, that official is messed up!
2: Yeah, he definitely turns right.
by Dom1nator August 5, 2005
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When you're fucking a girl doggystyle and then ... ooops ... suddenly strangle her with a garden hose.
Whoa. I mean we were having great sex and then, wham! Outa nowhere came a right turn.
by Shep August 15, 2003
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can be abbreviated as “srtin text messages, a sharp right turn is when one completely changes subjects out of the blue and the new subject has absolutely nothing to do with what was previously discussed. it is used as a method not to seem rude when completely changing subjects as one is simply sharing something that popped into their head.
say you are talking about animals and suddenly some really depressing thought comes into your head that you feel the need to share. you could say “sharp right turn but....” and then share that thought.
by ewontonsoup December 30, 2019
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A Louisiana Right Turn, commonly practiced on a four lane road, two lanes going each way, is when someone is in the left lane and they turn right at an intersection, cutting others off in the process.
Louis: Dude, that guy just flipped me off!
David: Well what did you expect, you just pulled a Louisiana Right Turn.
by GoldGlover375 March 26, 2008
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What you say when you wan't your pet Orangutan to hit someone.
As in the Clint Eastwood movie, "Any which way you can"
A guy pulls a gun very close to Clint's characters truck, with Clyde sitting in it, Clint simply says "Right turn Clyde" and Clyde levels the guy...
by BigMontana September 18, 2013
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When pulling up to an intersection with a red light, the driver pulls into an adjacent parking lot to his right, then pulls through the parking lot, and exits through the other exit, effectively completing a right turn, and avoiding waiting at the light.
Juan was going to pick up some chickens for dinner, and got stuck at red light. To save time, he blew through the gas station parking lot, and made a Mexican right turn
by Alejandro Fernandez February 27, 2012
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What you say when you want someone to hang a right. Came from the Clint Eastwood movie "Every Which Way But Loose" where Clint's character had a pet orangutan named Clyde. See left turn clyde.
by fizzle April 23, 2004
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