Biscuits and Gravy is a term that was started by my fiancee Jaimie and her friend Melissa.

Biscuits and Gravy is another way to say "Oral Sex". It could be eather male or female recieving the oral. The important part is that the oral is so good that it ends up getting all sloppy and dripping....just like a big plate of biscuits and gravy
"So what are you doing tonight?"

"Im heading home. The wife text me and said she wants some biscuits and gravy"
by BIGGDAD September 13, 2009
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The biscuits and gravy is when one person first shits then pisses on their partner's chest.
After a heavy night of drinking, Hillary gave in and allowed Bill to let loose with a rugged biscuits and gravy.
by Cindy Keeble November 09, 2007
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Biscuits and gravy is the action of getting a large group of people together and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, to the point of vomiting. Once everyone has puked in the same pile, they proceed to have an orgy on the vile-pile.
Marsha lost her virginity to 3 men and 4 women after the guy she liked invited her to a biscuits and gravy party.
by ChemEcoma November 30, 2016
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