Used in agreement of something amazing...
Can also be used condescendingly or sarcastically; (see "seems legit")
Example 1:
Guy: I have a new mixtape i dropped shits dope
Other Guy: Fuck yea

Example 2:
Douche Bag: Yo son i run this game like im weezy an shit.
Assassin: Fuck yea
by AnTi February 18, 2013
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Def1: When something goes your way. Significant, sudden, good fortune.
Def II: make violence or somehow just screw someone up etc

Announcer: "Three strippers, a clown, and a kangaroo are waiting for you at the front door."

You: "Fuck yea!"

Let's destroy it mate, and let's destroy our world

by kmvhmv December 2, 2017
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1. An expression of extreme excitement.2. Also an expression of total agreement.
1. Joel: Did you hear? Pabst is on sale! John: Fucking fuck yea!

2. Beaux: Man, we really got a shiity week ahead of us. Dave: Fucking fuck yea dude, tell me about it.
by wildcat houston November 12, 2009
Can be quantified as 0 to 60+ mph, or 0 to 120+ kph roughly for the rest of the world.
I just test drove that new Audi man, that thing went from 0 to fuck yea in about 3 seconds!
by LaZyDuDe501 November 27, 2018
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A term used only when expressing a maximum agreement with someone or something.
Matt: Ay brah, I got this drunk bitch in the back and she wants to get dub plugged. You in, brah?

Brian: Yea dude fuck yea.

Matt: Don't touch me, though, brah... and you got butthole, brah.

Brian: Yea dude fuck yea.
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A slang term used when one gets excited to eat Pita Pit- a restaurant that serves pitas. You must pound your fists into your chest and scream it like a wanna be football player while you say it.
Fuck Yea, pita pit! I'm so excited to stuff this pita down my throat.

Hi I'm Dan Baker and I'm a meathead, fuck yea pita pit!
by LarviBaby21 January 29, 2009
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