A birb is not a normal bird it is more powerful and cooter like it’s frens snek and pupper/doggo
Hooman slave:henlo birb it is your hooman slave want sum seed with pupper and snek
by Pingpong1232 November 09, 2018
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Person 1 : yo, I got a bird today
Person 2 : birb.
Person 1 : what?
Person 2 : you mean birb
Person 1 : no I mean birb, wait
Person 2 : huehuehue
by Confused^-w-^Button April 18, 2020
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the form eren achieved in the 139th chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin
Mikasa: Jean is coming over tonight, but that birb is on my window all day...
birb: tatacaw...tatacaw...tatacaw
by LegendaryFWD April 12, 2021
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A creature that likes to scream and consume large amounts of birb seebs. Many enjoy a head scritch and a cuddle with their hooman. Many participate in mleming competition with their cagemates.
"Aww! It's such a birb"
"I know! We should give it some seebs!"
via giphy
by BirbBoiInBurbBox August 29, 2019
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