A ‘probiotic aid’ that doesn’t work well for you; and others who expected immediate results.
I think my probiotic is actually an AMATEUR-BIOTIC because it has not worked well for my system.
by Major Thomas Randle September 19, 2018
Intercourse and other sexual acts with an extremely attractive middle aged Nurse or Doctor. i.e sex with a MILF Nurse or Doctor.
Alwin enjoys being prescribed and administered a course of aunty-biotics by his doctor.
by TheMacha January 28, 2011
A weapon held by an old lady that shoots semen at her allies to heal them and harms enemies by giving them aids
Ana really loves that biotic rifle
by Cummfagg666 June 2, 2017
Alive, only by process of domestication/artificial selection, and having a mix of biological characteristics which either are not autonomously viable, or would not be selected for, by process of natural selection.
Of all the pseudo-biotic creatures on Old McDonald's farm, the pig is the one invited most, to dinner.
by ancestaera April 26, 2020
A bunch of salty, morally self-righteous people with headaches and psychic powers.
That guy was so annoying, like speaking to an L2 biotic.
by Prometheus345 May 21, 2017