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An installation, run by a military, or some other similar authority, that wears the mirage of being a "normal neighborhood or business", but, is staffed by military personnel, who are organized in units, and under orders, to deliberately engage in the scripted pretense of being fully disassociated individuals or "regular" family/friend combinations, in order to effectively execute social offensives against an unsuspecting target or targets, also living in the same area, and unaware of the existence of the installation.
Neighborhoods which sit in the shadow of military bases are often mirageospheres, and it is a known strategy of the out-competed soldier, to use military connections and an aresenal of other weaponized resources, to make covert warfare on regular citizens, where these individuals have beaten the soldier, at the game of life.
by ancestaera February 28, 2020
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Euphemism used by the euroraepean people, to surreptiously confuse the act of motorists, gaping at traffic accidents with enough intensity to slow down progression and clog traffic arteries, with the more nefarious act, of gaining proximal social cohesion and integrity, via thepleasures of viewing disaster spectacles, communally. The term's allusive name is meant to make the listner picture a person with an actual rubber neck, thus burying the term's real significance in an air of comedic ignorance for those uninitiated in the peculiarities of the "culture."
The rubber necking motorists, crammed bumper to bumper in the street, shared a psychic ecstacy, at the sight of the mangled crash victims being pulled from the wreckage . The drivers' and passengers' pulses began to race in time at the spectacle, and their elavated rush of adrenaline would, much later, reveal its latent effects, in the high-pitched laughter and general joviality, of those who had earlier witnessed the dismal scene.
by ancestaera January 15, 2020
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Authority figures, with veneer of legitimacy so thin, that it can be readily removed, to reveal the criminal constitution that is beneath.
The mother was a hypocrit, and a scratch-off authority, with a history of criminal faults, that she hid behind the facade of respectable, government, employee.
by ancestaera June 26, 2020
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Parent who is woefully inadequate and ill-prepared for the duty of parenting for viable efficacy, and who, instead, liberally engages in the reproductive process for the sole purpose of ensuring that their progeny are made available for predatory activities, after the manner of domesticated hens and roosters...and human populations, who have historically experienced the collapse of their own societies, and now belong to another social organization, to which they have been forcibly associated, with hostile purpose.
The plate-feather parent viewed the son's emerging talent with a barely supressed anger, and so, used parental persuastion to induce the son to engage in a number of activities with the hope that the son would be brought to mortal ruin.
by ancestaera February 05, 2020
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Alive, only by process of domestication/artificial selection, and having a mix of biological characteristics which either are not autonomously viable, or would not be selected for, by process of natural selection.
Of all the pseudo-biotic creatures on Old McDonald's farm, the pig is the one invited most, to dinner.
by ancestaera April 25, 2020
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When authorities entrap a competitor to criminal activity, which the authorties themselves, freely indulge in, without prosecution, so as to create cause for action against a competitor, where none would otherwise, exist.
Because of Officer Titasella's brutal tempocrisy, the assault charge against the defendant must be dismissed.
by ancestaera May 19, 2020
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Counterfeit humans, attached to traumatic institutions of culture, and hierarchy, who are beholden to upholding the lies and the crimes, that those traumatic institutions were historically founded upon, because those institutions are the trauma addicts' only source of social and existential value.
The trauma addict zombies of the prestigious university - who went in disguise as normal students and staff - conspired against the minority target for the entire , four year length of her academic career - because they meant to uphold the racial hierarchy of undeserved white privilege, which is the toxic tradition of the nation, and thus, gain the material rewards of professional advancement for themselves. Immunebliss
by ancestaera August 26, 2020
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