When someone just holds their alcohol or weed and instead of drinking or smoking it they start to talk. You probably don't want to share a bowl with someone who binks.
"Hey Will, stop binksing it and finish your drink"
by toolegit2quit November 26, 2009
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An adolescent preteen female neighbor with a prominent tendency towards promiscuity.
by ChrisPuttock August 12, 2005
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To take a shit so tiny like that of a rabbit
I just took a bink

I binked in your shoe

You smell like a stinky bink
by Snail-Male December 08, 2012
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1. Getting hit by someone or something very hard.

2. A word used to describe something crazy but as a noise.
I jumped into the fight and socked that guy. I was like "bink!"
by Churchy October 21, 2005
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The onomatopoeia or words that Chicago people mostly use when describing a fight where one opponent has beat the other very hard to the point of no return.
Damn jo, Dude got his ass socked. Dude went hard like bink, bink bink.
by Tonnie Taylor April 20, 2009
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bink an insult towards a woman, generally nameless
I mean if I went 'round sayin' I was an Emperor just 'cause some moisten'd bink lodged a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!
by tod November 23, 2003
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