Word used by Piolin Por La Mañana used to make a person say their name and where they live aka identifying who they are.
Radio person: Hello this is piolin por la mañana, IDENTIFICATE papuchon!

Radio listener: I am tlacuache inferior from Paisa Land!!
by Tlacuache Major March 18, 2009
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To predict people's behaviour by using faculty of empathy.
Among all means of understanding someone's psyche, empathic identification is one of the cheif tool.
by Poirei K. S. September 21, 2007
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When you have known someone for so long that you can identify them by their booty.
John: (Sees a girl, and immediately knows it is Jenna just by her booty using Booty Identification)
Jenna: (Slaps John because he was gawking at her booty)
by Dapopopo April 21, 2022
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Identification Anxiety is the act of having social anxiety due to being unsure about a person's pronouns. This usually leads to awkwardness in conversation
They speak like a girl but look like a guy! What do they identify as? I'm having Identification Anxiety!
by rainday September 21, 2021
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1:a pathetic excuse to spout racist, sexist and other offensive terms.
2:a pathetic attempt to villanize the "white man". An attempt so pathetic, only liberal democrats and such devour it and live by it, even if they cant "self-identify" with it(oh! irony!
1:you cant say dyke! youre not a lesbian!
by Madison September 21, 2003
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The spiritual identification system (SIS/SPIRITIS/SPIRITISYS) is a spiritual technology that is about to identify people at spiritual level, or by their spirits, minds, souls, auras, vibrations or anything at spiritual level. The term is also used to refer to technologies able to identify anything at spiritual level.
"The Spiritual Identification System is a concept that might help a lot the search for spiritual life, and even for be the future of the ways to identify people and increase security and organization of society."

"The SPIRITISYS will be really important in the future, and might be a revolution in human sciences and technologies."
by Full Monteirism January 10, 2021
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