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(verb) To automatically receive all your points & offers by using your payment card.
I just shopped at hmv but forgot my loyalty card, its fine though because I can Bink.
by Bink HQ August 17, 2016
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(v) in poker, to catch fortuitous cards; also applicable in other gaming contexts

(interj) in poker, exclamation made upon catching fortuitous cards and/or winning a large pot
I binked a straight flush on the turn.

Bink! I just doubled up!
by Marchant February 19, 2011
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pronounced- /Bing K/ *Adj: 1. A slang word, primarily used by Italians/New Yorkers, that refers to a sharp dresser or swell looker. Similar in meaning to the word "dapper" that is often used by Irish/Irish Americans, immaculate in dress and appearance.
Anthony was looking mad bink with his fresh haircut and brand new jogging suit!
by unhealthy&unwealthy September 12, 2010
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a fugly shaft. someone or something that is unwanted and not needed.
"wow that girl is such a bink."
"that shirt is binked"
"what a binky kid"
"that's binkin"

"that's pretty bink man."
by BLURJEWFLAT December 03, 2009
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n. a generic nickname used to describe any upstanding individual in one's personal network. Variations: binky, binkazoid, bink-bonk, banks, bianks.
Hey Binks, how's Grandma Binks feeling? Binks said I should ask you.
by binks January 22, 2005
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the hilarious occurance of a headshot glancing off the opposition's helmet, making the classic *bink* sound while not inflicting the normal amount of damage for a headshot. made popular by a video of some dude that got real pissed when it kept happening.
{TTCDave| - WTFUX!>?!?
{TTCDave| - FUCKIN..!!1
{TTCDave| - *BINK*
by speede May 20, 2004
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An action and A form of expression when friends clink upside down cupped hands against eachothers hands in celebration, secrecy, or at any time really and state the word BINK! This is lcomparable to clinking champagne glasses.

Performing the "bink" action provides the friends the ability to speak no words yet the unspoken word or thoughts are completely mentally understood!
Saying nothing, Kathy, Karen, Allison and Sue Said "BINK". (As they clinked their upside down hands together). Everyone knew they were on the same page.
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by Xxljdcxx March 28, 2017
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