When a woman is giving you a hand job and she has a crane like looking hand in which she straightens all of her fingers downwards towards the head of the penis. Then strocks the head of the penis with the head bobbing up and downwards hitting the palm.
Dude. That handjob sucked. All the bitch did was give me The Crane. Fuck The Crane!
by Willy Diesel April 19, 2008
While doing a woman doggy style, the man grabs her arms and pulls them back lifting her in the air(appearing to look like a crane). He then procedds to swing her around the room knocking things to the ground and running her into walls, TV, dresser, CD's etc.. Unlike the wrecking ball you do not have to leave a hole in the wall.

I can't come over I have to clean up because I broke my tv last night while using the crane with that Hussy.
by Tow Truk August 16, 2007
sex between two lesbians who are both taller than 6'3"
i was watching the wnba and i couldn't help fantasizing about crane on crane porn
by jasshole1 August 24, 2011
The act of somebody actively pretending to be minding their own business and diligently completing their own work, but in reality sticking their head out, like a crane, and copying their predator's hard work and claiming it to be their own.
Damn't Dylan, Quit craning my friggin homework!
by cranemaster123 May 19, 2014
(Noun) an alter ego that is responsible for all unusual activity or feelings that run through your body
“You were so wild when you were drunk last night, you were being such a crane.”
by craney boy September 14, 2019
A name for a particular attractive female. From the same root as cutey.
by You'll never know October 26, 2004
a tall, long-legged, long-necked bird, typically with white or gray plumage and often with tail plumes and patches of bare red skin on the head. Cranes are noted for their elaborate courtship dances.

to court a female bird.
dude been trying to win this crane over but all he wants is some ass.
by amy lame March 18, 2011