The act of driving onto a petrol forecourt and deliberately driving off without paying; to commit a bilking.
Police constable: 'We've had three bilkings at Morrisssons this week.
by Jezzer December 7, 2005
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An acronym meaning: Bitch I'd Like to Kill
My ex-wife took me to the cleaners. What a BILK!
by Phuqit July 31, 2008
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short for "boi milk"

a healthy way to turn your morning coffee into the first meal of the day
Oh damn where am I going to get 50cc of bilk to make enough boi oysters for tonights dinner party?
by strange_but_true January 5, 2022
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Noun, a contraction of boy milk, sperm.

See also, bilky, bilked, bilks
Did you see her face? It was covered in bilk!
by Bilkmaster69 February 24, 2022
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Person 1 "I Had some warm bilk today"
Person 2 "I drink mine cold"
by CaerulusX March 3, 2022
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to bilk is to steal mainly petrol
"jus bilked bare petrolium get me auntie sue"
by big fat sausage October 1, 2006
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Whilst the lady has taken the males penis deep in her throat thus causing the gag reflex to activate and she may have a little vomit. From bile and milking.
I say Terrance Lady Smythe liked the BILKING I gave her but it will take a few washes to get the vom out of my corderoys.
by P4ULI5FIT July 17, 2010
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