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To sell someone into sexual slavery; To pimp someone out for profit; To exploit innocent women; To engage in international sex trafficking.
"Man, if that bitch doesn't straighten up, I'm gonna Smythe her!"
by Zeek McCalister May 12, 2010
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One who commits nasty acts in favour of himself.
'You're a Smythy character.' 'Don't be a Smythe.' 'Stop Smything it!' 'Can I have 20p for the bus? Fuck off you Smythy bastard.' 'You ordering a pint of Smythe?' 'You've been Smything it recently.' 'You're a Smythy piece of work.' 'You Smythed it with that bird, mate.'
by The Infamous Smythe May 27, 2013
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doughnut the uber max, sometimes a shway dude...but mainly just a chez ass doughnut puncher
yo, do u know who Smythe is?
yea, he's a doughnut puncher...says shway a lot...thinks kandy is fun to stick up his cornhole...i bashed him in the dome piece
dag yo
by 315 & T-Dog! March 28, 2003
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