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One who judges and/or despises others based on their physical apearance, descent, gender, personal beliefs or life style.
"All caucasians are wicked by nature and not to be trusted!!" said the antiwhite biggot.
by T.Ractorhead November 23, 2006
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The majority of the Fox networks audience apparently.
My familys last name may as well be synonymous for biggot.

My SN on diablo2 is BiggotGenocide. ^_^
by The Dalian December 12, 2005
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Biggot (buy-gut): A bisexual faggot who cannot spell, not to be confused with bigot (big-ut).
Why am I surrounded by biggots? That's okay; I love everyone!
by Archie Bunker December 20, 2006
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