Yob, in the south we call people salads who are young and partake in criminal activity
Did you hear about that Mikey who got caught stealing a car?

Yes, what a little salad he is
by So19 November 7, 2019
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A salad is a term to define an attractive looking female that looks as if she is worth having sexual intercourse with.
Shes a fucken' salad mate, I'd go her no questions asked.
by Jem August 16, 2004
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Not your main girl/boyfriend; a sideting
Nahhhh youre a salad HAHAHAHAHAAHA
by Xao1X October 16, 2019
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Mixing two different types of weed together.
"Hey man wanna match a bowl?"

"No lets just make a salad."
by Funk master A October 20, 2008
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A bowl of vegetables, usually green, that is healthy. Examples: Lettuce Tomato Celery Carrots Onions Cabbage Sometimes topped with Dressings. Can also be a fruit salad.
Boy, is this Fruit Salad good. So is this vegetable Salad.
by Dee Gooplah June 21, 2006
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A reference given to a certain person/persons who are acting in what would be determined as a "looser-ish" or anti-social way.
A "I can't wait to go out on Saturday"

B "Me neither, It's a shame Rob's being a kimmer"

A "Yeah, he's being such a salad"
by Chels19 July 28, 2012
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Some one who be dressin'
Person 1: you look like a salad
Person 2: why
Person 1: cause you be dressin'
by Saladicious May 17, 2020
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