a male or female with extremely large testicles.
that matt parker, hes got right big nuts!!!
by matt and the winz March 16, 2004
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A person with huge balls.

One who has much larger nuts than other people.
"That guy Dave has some huge nuts"
by BIG NUTS January 14, 2005
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Known globally for its set date of December 1st (December 2nd for those who intend to be official for all timezones), The Big Nut marks the end of No Nut November, in which men far and wide can be heard busting some of the most potent, thickest nuts of their lives. The Big Nut also marks the beginning of Destroy Dick December.

It is common belief that those who do not participate in The Big Nut following their success in No Nut November transcend from mortal beings to godhood, but no cited instances have been recorded. Perhaps succeed for yourself, and you shall find the true answer.
"Day 27: I cannot believe it... to think we started with millions upon millions of brave soldiers, we are only left with a couple hundred comrades... we shan't allow for their defeats to be in vain... Soon enough, we shall approach the mythical day of THE BIG NUT! Onwards!"
by ThatsRightUJackAss November 5, 2019
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A donut is a ring of dough, yet we call it a do"nut". Curious
Say, if McDonalds were to bring out a Big-Mac which formed a single continuous loop, alternating between hamburger and bread, to follow convention it would therefore be called a big"nut".

That's the true meaning of a big nut.
You big nut. - Guy 1
Stfu, you're such a big nut. - Guy 3
by Moon Man Redux April 28, 2022
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A big nut is when you unleash a phat one on anything, it feel vetty noice
Yo, imma finna bust a big nut
by Timmythiccc May 7, 2018
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