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When one sticks the penis in the vagina and instantly ejaculates after only one stroke on a consistent basis.
Jim: "So how was last night with Tony."
Eilis: "He's a one stroke warrior..."
Jim: "I'm sorry to hear this."
by ScruffyNuffy July 5, 2018
The ultimate form of retardation. Commonly used to describe someone that did something retarded.
Teacher: "Where's your homework?"
Pupil 1: "Ummmmm... It's there. "
Teacher: "That was homework from 2 weeks ago."

Pupil 2 to Pupil 3: *whispers* "What a Ben Downey! "
by ScruffyNuffy July 3, 2018
A game commonly played among two or more male friends where take it in turns to point or suggest someone to engaged in sexual intercourse with. One person points or suggests someone and says 'tap? ' , and the other(s) either reply with 'tap' or 'no tap'.
Evan to Finn: *pointing towards person* "Tap?"
Finn to Evan: "Tap" *Nods head*
by ScruffyNuffy July 3, 2018
Yet an intellectual username used by only the most prestige roblox and club penguin players.
"Wow Booquiflius just won roblox big brother and thrashed me in Club Penguin sleighing"
by ScruffyNuffy July 5, 2018
John: "Your mom gay"
Bill: "No you"
John: "Your family tree LGBT"
Bill: "Your ancestry incestry"
Entire world collapses on itself after John took the most intense insult known to man.
by ScruffyNuffy March 31, 2018
To describe someone with friends below average IQ, is a beta male soyboy, and thinks the most popular person.
Greg: "Omg dude you're such a Shane Gibbons!"
Brad: "No I'm not I have plenty of friends."
by ScruffyNuffy July 3, 2018