meaning bills like $20,$50,$100 because
of tha big faces
ay homie we got to be makin them big faces
by shadow January 26, 2004
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large demonations of bills with the new style bigger pictures of the presidents on them
I got a pocket fulla big faces on me.
by allen Byrd December 08, 2003
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The act of placing one's entire hand on a person's face and pushing them violently across the room.
1.) "You just got big faced!"
2.) "If you don't stop laughing at my hot pink unitard, I'm going to big face you!"
by clearlysuspect February 22, 2006
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An individual who drinks all day long and thinks its a good idea to show up at a friend's house at 3am with an underage runaway (townie) trying to have a sleepover.
Keep an eye on Jeff tonight he might pull a big face!
by Relli216 February 06, 2010
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A girl with a steam shovel for a face. A large faced woman. Also known as a BFB. See Julia Stiles
Would you at that chick, she is a big face bitch.

I was reading a magazine while dropping a deuce and saw Julia Stiles, what a shovel face BFB.

Our waitress is a big face bitch.
by killcam May 23, 2015
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The new US one hundred dollar bill with the big portrait of Benjamin Franklin.
My uncle gave me a Big Face Benny (New $100 Bill) for my birthday.
by Zackberry September 06, 2008
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"new" hundred dollar bills with the big face of ben franklin, the older bills had smaller faces
"whaaats in my pockets dawwwwg? big faced hundreds!!"

"rob your stash house double down out in vegas
i been spendin hundreds since they had small faces"
by miller6612 July 15, 2011
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