72 definitions by shadow

a woman's Pubic Hair that grows natural, but is much larger than the ordinary patch. Basically, it looks like a patch bomb went off on her crotch.
That chick had a patch bomb
by shadow October 8, 2003
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Much like the word shwing. It's basically seeing something or someone hot and popping a woody
by shadow October 13, 2003
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These Mocosos never get tired of fuckin' around all day.
by shadow October 18, 2004
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a kick-ass drunkard that can yell really loud (evidently, because he scared off an army with a shout)
"we shal travel the path of virtue together, my brothers"
by shadow December 4, 2004
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To take a long time to do something
Dude I ask you to go and get the food and you a hitch
by shadow January 24, 2005
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Basically The Devil for there is but one devil and that devil is wal mart the one and the only devil
Satan: Roll Baaaaaaaaaack
by shadow December 14, 2004
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