a person who meets each of the following requirements in another person's life (their BiFfLe ball)

1. you are best friend deluxes
2. you are in a heterosexual, romantic, sexual and loving relationship
3. you live on the same street
4. you have at least one class together
5. you were in the same kindergarten class
6. you kiss each other (and more)
7. you initially disagree on politics (but are slowly beginning to agree on different views)
8. you begin to find an interest in something the other person loves
9. you hangout at least five times a week
10. you wrestle
Hey, that girl in my class over there who lives on the same street as me, is my girlfriend, is in my kindergarten class picture just disagreed with me on our current president's policy, then she kissed me, fucked me, made plans with me for the entire weekend, started running track, wrestled me AND copied my homework... she must be my BiFfLe ball!
by )@!$)^ December 15, 2006
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Biffle Married is simply the marriage between two best friends. ie. Starsky and Hutch, Harold and Kumar, Chewy and Han. Can also happen bteween opposite sex's.
"yo, they bangin?

Nah Man, they biffle married."
by cleverman1 March 04, 2012
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An organization of individuals usually with intentions of ruining others days in a hilarious way
Dude did you see that biffle squad over ? They've been tackling and humping anyone and everyone they see
by mein_namme March 29, 2015
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