An argument, or extremely heated verbal or physical fight.
Joey: You really wanna go?!
Sam: Fuck you man!

Alex: Ooh! Joey and Sam are having a biffle baffle!
by BiffleBaffler December 13, 2013
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Crazy, Insane, Amazing, AWESOME Sex/sexual activites that partake between two biffles, or best friends.
Wow, last night was so crazy. I was over her house last night and we ended up biffle bagging. Hey there, fuzzy line between friend zone and bromance.
by ChristoferCraig March 19, 2011
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its like baffled just thats what black men say vs. us white men.....
yo nigga' wez gots biffled yesturday on dat quizaz! Straight Up!
by Dr. Fatz February 02, 2004
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a sister who is also a best friend, or a friend who is closer to you than a friend and is more like a sister.
My sister, Kim, is also my best friend; she is my sister-biffle!
I love my friend Kristin so much, we are such good friends that she is more like a sister to me; she is my sister-biffle!
by BAD1484 May 13, 2010
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Biffle Banging is another way of saying 'Friends with benifits'.
Katie: They're spending way too much time together.
Dana: Yeah, I think they're Biffle Banging.
by emilydawsonx June 21, 2011
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