Hebrew name usually given to the hottest guys and amazing sexual individuals. Any woman with an Ido as a side-piece will be eternally satisfied
Yo, my side piece Ido is amazing in bed
by funky-shit April 27, 2017
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The coolest funniest kid with the biggest dick he’s super strong and loyal he’s not shy to make a move he is a total ladies man he’s really handsome and if you are luck enough to meat one you’re the luckiest person in the world
by Therealone321 January 15, 2020
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A name, usually given to males. Can be found uncommonly in Israel, and rarely in the USA and other countries. Anyone with this name is usually smart and funny.
"Hi, Ido!"

Where's Ido?

Are Ido and James friends?
by Randolph P. April 30, 2013
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An Israeli name given to the sexiest living being of all time, can make a girl cum just by saying her name, usually a sex god, funny, smart, and jacked.
girl 1: OMG ido is so hot
Girl 2: I know he said my name and I am still wetting!
by MilkyWayyy March 11, 2021
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Name of international language, presented to the world in 1907 at the Congress for the Adoption of an International Language, at the occassion of the World Exhibition in Paris, France.
In order to create an European culture, which expresses the diversity of cultures of Europe, Ido, as a neutral language, is indispensable.
by Hans Stuifbergen September 21, 2003
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a name.
Usually being given to males.
"Hey Ido, what's up?"
"Do you know where did Ido go?"
"Look what Ido is doing!"
by Ido R. from Israel July 3, 2003
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Ido is defenition of not pulling girls.
Ido always says "when the hoes pulling up"
But when they pull up he nevers hits because he always starts with mekoolkalot
Hi ido!
Shut up mekoolkelet i ride motorcycle
by Avishay04proking October 18, 2021
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