From the acronym 'BFFL', which stands for 'best friends for life'.
He was acting like we were biffles, even though I hadn't heard from him in years.
by Hudson December 24, 2004
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'Biffles' is short for "best friends for life".

Contrary to popular opinion, biffles can in fact become more than friends and still be biffles.
Even though my biffle and I got married, we're still biffles :)
by 1L Bhallu February 18, 2010
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Pronounced "BEA-fle"

French word for dong slap.
composed of the words "Bite" (french slang for penis) and "Giffle" (french for slap).

The biffle is used on highly inebriated frenchmen as a show of male dominance always against the one receiving (le bifflé). The one initiating the dong slap is known as "le bifflard"
je lui ai mis une de ses biffles! elle s'en rappellera jusqu'à sa mort !

I gave her such a dong slap! She's going to remember it for the rest of her days!
by bigfg September 9, 2009
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The word Biffle comes from combining Best Friend Forever and Best Friend For Life. It is reserved for only the highest level of closeness between two genuine friends, and is a high honor of respect, appreciation and admiration to be given this title. It is sometimes confused with bestie or BFF, however the distinction is that a biffle signifies a real, everlasting frienship and is not to be taken lightly. It's like finding your soul mate in the world of friendship. Used only to communicate the closest level of true friendship. The true creation of the word was first born in the Moes Parking Lot in Tallahassee, Fl between two biffles.
Kiana, You are my bestest friend in the whole world. You are my biffle.
by jessrep February 3, 2010
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Fleece or yarn made from the fleece of a BlueFaced Leicester sheep. Highly sought after for spinning and knitting. Biffle is known for its softness, warmth and light weight compared to some other wools.
The beautiful biffle yarn I just purchased will make a great pair of mittens.
by kmurfery March 23, 2013
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one's BFFL, or Best Friend For Life. it is supposed to be the opposite sex, whom one is JUST friends with, and wouldn't ever date. however many biffles become boyfriends, which really defeats the purpose. unlike best friends, you can only have ONE biffle.
"I heard you and Johnny have been hanging out a lot, are you dating?"

"No way, he's my biffle, duh."
by Britney Kay October 1, 2005
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Usually a great friend of the opposite sex who you can trust with your life. However, someone who is a biffle is not necessarily stuck in the "friend zone", as biffles often make the best couples. Often, a girl may instigate a biffle relationship as a way of flirting. It is customary to be protective and loyal to your Biffle.
"So is Johnny just your biffle?"

"Yeah, he's just my biffle.. for now..."

"Hey Danny, would you like to be my biffle?"
by KatFish21 August 30, 2012
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