A member of the other romantic interest that you are very close with. Your best friend that you would never consider dating. The two may seen like a couple but they are just biffles
Sam: you and ido are a good couple.

Yael:what? Ido? No no he's my biffle
by The dancing ninja September 15, 2015
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The definition of biffle is Morgan. Biffle is someone you love so much. And you can only have one. Biffle means Best intense friend for like EVER!!!
by JessicaaLee April 22, 2011
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a friendship between a girl and a guy that's so close it looks like they're dating but they are too good of friends that it would completely ruin their friendship if they ever dated
"you guys so have a thing going on"
"nah he's just my biffle, we're only friends"
by ️Ethan June 23, 2015
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An unspoken bond between friends who share everything together, and do everything together making them appear attached at the waste. Who are best friends through thick and thin.
Duke and Melissa-Joe are always seen together and appear as Biffles among their group of friends.
by Landscape Duke July 06, 2011
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A Best. Friend. For. Life. A super awesome friend that totally gets you.
His biffle was having a bad day so he brought roses to lift her spirits.
by biffles. are. cool. October 12, 2011
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When a man or woman gives 2 dirty sanchez's to there partner and licks the defication off there partners chest, then deficates in the girls vagina and has sex through it.
by Drew Schaetz August 22, 2008
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To make someone your best friend for life. Forming a strong, friendly connection with someone.
I met Tina last night and I totally biffled her!
by meowzilla March 08, 2012
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