A terrifying being sent from god to give humans orders. They typically looks like wheels within wheels spinning around each other with many eyes. Sometimes they are even flaming. The cherubim look like a thing with the head of a man, a ox, a eagle. And a lion. They fly with two wings and have two wings covering their body. They have the feet shaped like a cow’s hooves. Angels are specifically designed to look like that to scare off demons. They typically say “be not afraid” because of their appearance. Angels serve god.
Carol: “Oh wow! Susan, your child looks like a biblically accurate angel!”

Susan: “thanks! :p

The child: 👁 👁👁👁👁


by Stinkerbell June 17, 2021
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A small sect of Satanism which believes in God and Satan as living beings/deities. Biblical Satanists believe that God is the villian of the bible and that Satan is the hero. They share some things in common with LaVeyan Satanists such as indulging in sin, having pride in yourself, and thinking freely. You don't have to worship Satan to be a Biblical Satanist, that's your choice.
Have you ever heard of Biblical Satanism?
by CromBomb September 24, 2017
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I was cleaning Jimmy's room yesterday and I found a biblical stain on his bed.
by agressive_hobbit172 February 23, 2018
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