noun plural cher·ubs, cher·u·bim
1. a celestial being. Gen. 3:24; Ezek. 1, 10.
2. a member of the second order of angels, often represented as a beautiful rosy-cheeked child with wings.
3. a beautiful or innocent person, especially a child.
A Cherubim is a different word use to describe a young angel
by Hockeygirl10 January 09, 2014
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Your lucky to know a cherubim, cherubim is beautiful and she doesnt realize it she is funny once you get to know her but is shy to others, if you know a cherubim than she's a keeper
"Wow look at Cherubim"
by Randy Burkman November 28, 2018
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Cherubim is a very talented girl, she is shy but she shows her true colors once you get to know her. She is musically talented and is very funny. She has low self esteem but no matter what people say cherubim is very beautiful, and you are lucky to be friends with cherubim
by Head ross October 28, 2018
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Nightmare fuel. No wonder people in the bible shit their pants whenever one of these guys showed up.
Cherubim: Hey guys is this seat taken?
everyone: *screams and runs in the opposite direction*
Cherubim: *eats lunch alone again*
by Banana Barry January 17, 2022
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Cherubim is a Goddess. Their world-renown wit astounds, and leaves the common man dumbstruck.

If you find yourself in the presence of such a being, bring sunglasses. You my be blinded by such a radiant celestial beauty.
Cherubim is a Goddess.
by Coppergopher33 November 24, 2021
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