refers to a hot girl that is probably not too young, but others would laugh at you if you dated her simply cos shes a couple/ a few/ several years younger than you. instead of referring to her by her name, she is simply known as ' GIRL X ' or ' GX ' so as to avoid your pervy secret being uncovered.
perv guy 1 - 'hey look theres GX
'perv guy 2 - 'yeah shes lookin pretty fine 2day'
randomer - ' what the hell is girl X??'
perv 1&2 - ' uhhhh ... never mind..just some guy '
.....what a close call

by chocolatecoatedraisinboy. March 20, 2008
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Pure cancerous ads for a shitty mobile game that is commonly like by fucking weeaboos
Girls x battle made another shitty ad, with another pregnant girl.
by The unweeaboo weeaboo August 15, 2019
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a girl who is extremely interested in sex; a promiscuous girl.
She is an x girl; she loves being fucked all the while.
by uttam maharjan March 21, 2010
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