10 definitions by Douglas

freaky, awesome, outstanding, unique, cool
That ride is triple sick.
by Douglas August 14, 2003
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A short board or plank attached to a long pole used for stirring up the bottom of a shallow pond or stream.
by Douglas August 26, 2003
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sticking your big, wrinkley, hairy, old, nut sack and inserting it in someones open mouth while they are sleeping
"ewww dude, theres a fucking pueb in my mouth!!"
by Douglas June 14, 2004
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Pro-Noun: The god of all.
you have been touched by the hand of m4y4suk4
by Douglas July 13, 2004
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To be able to do/perform amazing/unexpected things
I gots me mad skills, yo.
To be said after performing an extraordinairy feat.
by Douglas August 14, 2003
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a guy that likes it in the ass
Fuckin yuck, josh black is a qweato
by Douglas February 12, 2004
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an inch measurement for the wheels of an automobile.
i got 20's for my caddy.
by Douglas November 19, 2002
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