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To be able to do/perform amazing/unexpected things
I gots me mad skills, yo.
To be said after performing an extraordinairy feat.
by Douglas August 14, 2003

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an inch measurement for the wheels of an automobile.
i got 20's for my caddy.
by Douglas November 19, 2002

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(bubble guts) when your guts are bubbling and rumbling, and you gotta shoot hot lava out of your stinky hole; an unsure feeling inside whether or not you got a toilet nearby or any toilet paper and that just gives your the bg's even more.
saul, you got the bg's?? BAD? oh gawd.
by Douglas May 27, 2003

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A toilet for a female.
After drinking 4 cups of coffee, Lynn used Jeff as a Human Toilet. Jeff almost choked, but he survived.
by Douglas February 13, 2005

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i bird that is stupid and does not fly

can also relate to a person that is incredibly dumb
isnt that one of those exintinct birds

Jesus hell, Jerry Craig is a fucking dodo
by DOUGLAS April 28, 2004

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freaky, awesome, outstanding, unique, cool
That ride is triple sick.
by Douglas August 14, 2003

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a guy that likes it in the ass
Fuckin yuck, josh black is a qweato
by DOUGLAS February 12, 2004

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