"So did you guys make tender music last night, Bill?"
"Shit, no! I gave Monica a dose of my hard fucking!"
by sumdood January 4, 2005
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1. When you're having sex and you go harder and deeper. This is pleasing to most women. They usually yell, "FUCK ME HARDER."

2. When you're fucking and you're slamming down hard on some wet pussy. Most effective in the missionary style sex position. The man's legs are together while the womans legs are open wide. Man slams down deep every thrust.
1. "I gave Jessie a hard fuck last night." "Really? Did she scream?" "Yeah, she said "FUCK ME HARDER DADDY! HARD FUCK ME! HARD FUCK ME! FUCK MY PUSSY HARD! HARDER!"

2. "Man that hard fuck sex style makes my hips hurt the next day."

Female: "I got hard fucked last night. I didn't think his dick could go that far in! I squirted too!"
by queen of maturbating-fucking January 24, 2010
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When someone / something is just too good or great enough that it "fucks hard"

That beer fucks hard

I fucked hard at that beer pong

Fuck hard / fucks hard
by Sydneypennyhoe October 6, 2020
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A boy whom thinks they can get any girl they please when really every girl hates him. A try hard fuck also once they get with a girl stays with them because they know they won't be able to get another girl but act as though they are inferior to them to make themselves look cooler then they already are.
by Thatsoanna December 19, 2016
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To be so insanely tough and merciless. Your average street tough might be hard. But Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Matrix in his 80's hit "Commando", and John Rambo played by Sylvester Stallone are examples of "Hard as Fuck"
Col. John Matrix kills 200 people with an enormous machine gun with his pecs bouncing with recoil. He is hard as fuck.
by Nickerz November 21, 2005
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"Lauren stayed up 15 minutes past her bed time, she is hard as fuck!"
by boof dawg December 13, 2014
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super bad ass that does and says what he wants. Most notably expressed by Bobby Z. from a little town in the great north.
I'am hard as fuck!
Wow that guy is hard as fuck!
by John Jones Walkerson January 31, 2008
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