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n. One sexy beast. Someone who is sexy. A sexy person.

v. The act of being sexy.
Am I kui, or am I kui?
by Josh March 30, 2005
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You almight god. That ska loving kid that everyone on earth loves. Hes name just uttered means true love.
Woah, All Hail Kui! I mean, Hes so rad, and he skanks all liek WOAH!
by Kui March 29, 2005
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Stands for Kissing Under the Influence. Any male or female who kisses another human being they would not usually kiss. However due to the copious amounts of alcohol they have consumed they kiss. Such an event is usually with an unattractive person or close friend and therefore deemed a mistake.
"I can't believe you kissed Becky, she's really ugly"
"It didn't mean anything it was a K.U.I."
by womb@t February 03, 2009
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One sexy bad-ass mother fudger. A lover of dingleberry's and all things brown and stink. A true butt man.
Boi, dat Ku'i steh swaggin butts...
by Bowop August 15, 2011
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