Hong's are very beautiful, intelligent, cute, and love to eat. they are very unique and hard to find in life. They have a smile that could light up your world. they are really honest with you so dont get hurt. They have one of the most beautiful laughs you could ever expect, one you could listen to day after day without it getting annoying. Hong's are hard to aprouch cause they are the spliting image of the word beautiful.
Hong- people like you just make my day 100x better
by BBBIGBOND March 15, 2013
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A smart ass who doesn't admit it. If you have a Hong as a friend, boy are you going to die of his memes. Like bro this dude can do quadratics and list all of Newton's laws with the specific definition. He defies the laws of smartness for his age. Sometimes you might even think he's an alien. Hongs are independent, mechanical pencil lovers, roasters, and so much more. His video games skills are legit impossible to compete with, it's like he's using legit bots and exploits. If there's a Hong in your life you better appreciate him =^-^=.
Hong has a category of Memes
by UnKn0vNuS3r September 22, 2019
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A hong is a friend that provides wingman services and other bro like technicalities. Hongs are the best kind of pals to each other.
Hong 1: Yo hong
Hong 2: Yo hong
Hong 1: Long period of time. Me no see hong in that long period of time.
Hong 2: Hong, I know. Same.
Hong 1: Can I come over hong?
Hong 2: Hong, get your ding dong over here!
by The real hong August 7, 2015
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A beatiful example of a person. An artistic genius unlike any other. Has many friends and is occosianly a weirdo. People with First/Last names like Hong are the most beautiful people you'll ever meet. They are so hot and enjoy guys.
Oompa Loompa lookin: Loook it's Hong!!!! She's so hot!! 😍😍
by Hangmanhole April 22, 2017
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Hong is a racist reference to Asian people - Gerry Joseph Downing (serial melt)
by A. Nonce July 31, 2018
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A sexy beast, maybe seen as a slut, but very good at fucking. She knows what she wants.
You're such a hong!
by heypoppet April 11, 2009
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(verb, adj.)

Verb: The act of stealing one's fruit, vegetables, or other plant life.

Adj: Performing badly at a given action.
"I was growing some carrots and I got HONGED!"
"That guy is totally HONGING it!" (When describing someone eating a cake)
by Novalidname July 11, 2008
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