an adjective used to describe a really awkward person.
Boy 1: Jackie brought up three of Mike's exes in front of his new girl, and told his mom about their one night stand.
Boy 2: Man, she's so bern.
by Coopertjm May 30, 2011
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1)To be beaten by Bernie Sanders in a political contest (debates, elections, polls)
2)To be politically or financially effected by Bernie Sanders
3)To have one's views swayed/to be inspired by Bernie Sanders

Based on the great Bernie Sanders
1)Have you seen the latest polls? Donald Trump is totally getting Berned!
2)Wow, did I get Berned! Last week, my boss at Wal-Mart informed me that I will now be earning $15 an hour as a result of a new law raising minimum wage. Hell yeah!
3)I got so Berned last night after watching the Democratic Debate. #Bernie2016
by joshawn03 February 12, 2016
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A beer that a person begins to drink, and is in possession of that beer for an extended period of time, making it seen as though they drank the entire thing, yet they only consume half of the beer and always leave the other half of it un-drunk in the can or bottle.
I found five Berns Brews in the room when we cleaned up after the party.
by Manny. February 29, 2008
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This unfortunate soul was a supporter of Bernie Sanders for the 2016 election for the U.S. Presidency but was robbed of their candidate by the treasonous criminal scumbag and head Sanderson sister Shillery Clinton. While some 'Bern Victims' directed their outrage where it belongs, towards the crooked democrat committee who colluded with Shillery and the media to sabotage Bernie, some unreasonably turned their anger toward Donald Trump and actually support Shillery. Sadly there is no saving these particular brainwashed zombified 'Bern Victims'.
"Damn man, I really feel bad for all those Bern Victims, but not the idiots who switched loyalty to the very hell-beast that fucked them over."
by CrowleyCorp July 26, 2016
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All graphic designers are good looking online.
Berns Law states that you will never find a graphics editor or graphic designer online that is not good looking.
by protocolza February 3, 2016
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Hickish or redneck-related; backwater. It can also refer in a more general sense to an item or custom that has lagged hilariously behind its contemporaries or is just garishly out of place. Derived from onomatopeoia of the beginning phrases of a banjo lick, as in the infamous "Dueling Banjos" from the film Deliverance. Optimally pronounced with a bit of a twang, closely assonating the puckish thwap of a banjo string.
I usually like camping, but all these bern dernts with their generators are keeping me awake.

See that guy over there with the mullet and the Marlboro t-shirt--yeah, bern dernt. Let's get out of here.
by Mike Westvleteren July 19, 2008
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