the frenulum: the fine length of skin on the underside of the penis linking the fireman's helmet to the foreskin and main shaft, sensitive but also vulnerable during particularly rough sex
she wanted it rough and i didn't have any lube; my banjo string ripped and i'm in agony this morning
by Joe Blow99 July 10, 2006
On the penis, that thin ridge of skin connecting the foreskin to the helmet
by cracky March 2, 2003
the thin piece of skin surrounding the glans and connecting them to the underside of the foreskin
bryn snapped his banjo string at his party the other night while fucking one of his munters
by phathank&globalhead July 25, 2005
Banjo string.

The bit of skin that attaches the foreskin to the helmet.
She tore me banjo string.
by Cunty O Cuntahan March 19, 2017
banjo string, on the underside of the penis the sensative string connected to the helmet, often broken by tubes in the passion for rough sex
oh look at that tube walk, bet he's missing a banjo string!
by yag noj March 19, 2010
The area between the ass and balls.. notice the 'seam' of skin in this area, forming a small line, hence, the banjo string.
by Bob April 1, 2003
organ with a single banjo string, ie the penis
Kyle: What were you up to last night?
James: I was playing my guitar
Kyle: Yeah? are you sure it wasn't the one string banjo, u tosser
by spankypants52 May 4, 2009