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1)To be beaten by Bernie Sanders in a political contest (debates, elections, polls)
2)To be politically or financially effected by Bernie Sanders
3)To have one's views swayed/to be inspired by Bernie Sanders

Based on the great Bernie Sanders
1)Have you seen the latest polls? Donald Trump is totally getting Berned!
2)Wow, did I get Berned! Last week, my boss at Wal-Mart informed me that I will now be earning $15 an hour as a result of a new law raising minimum wage. Hell yeah!
3)I got so Berned last night after watching the Democratic Debate. #Bernie2016
by joshawn03 September 19, 2016

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White People That Hate White People

WPTHWP are White people that cringe when they hear another white person talking about "reverse racism" bull shit, or how black people are actually more racist than white people. WPTHWP want to smack the shit out of these ignorant white people. WPTHWP understand PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE NO MATTER SKIN COLOR. We don't pretend like we don't see color, but we sure DON'T DISCRIMINATE BECAUSE OF COLOR. WPTHWP hate ignorant white people. Ignorant white people don't understand what racism is (they like to pretend they have a struggle). WPTHWP totally hate and can't stand these white people. If black people are racist, who gives a shit? White people have oppressed anyone different from them (black people in particular) for 400 years counting. So if a black person calls you white because you can't jump, get the fuck over it. That's not racism. Racism is ENSLAVING an ENTIRE RACE, it's PERSECUTING and KILLING those who don't share the same view as them. WPTHWP would like to apologize to all those effected by these ignorant/racist white people. We can't begin to express how deeply sorry and embarrassed we are. We're sorry for the oppression, for the hurt and anguish they have caused and for mistrust they have created between races. We're sorry. To those ignorant/racist white people, if you honestly think that you have it bad or you're a victim of oppression, you're fucking stupid. It's NOT a white v black issue anymore, it's a EVERYONE V IGNORANT WHITE PEOPLE
Ignorant white person: Dude, black people are so racist. A black guy just called me racist because I can't jump. He also said that white people are the worst. Like, black people need to get over the whole oppression thing. Like, we weren't even alive when that happened. It doesn't even effect them or matter anymore. White people are actually the victim.

WPTHWP: Dude, I'm literally gonna strangle you.

Ignorant white person: dude, that's racist.
(WPTHWP knocks his bitch ass out)
by joshawn03 September 19, 2016

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