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An extremely clever man, who knows the world and his wife.... and they're professional sports star kids.

They say you only need to know 5 people in the world in order to build up enough connections to enable you to know everyone on the planet. Unless you know a Sanderson! A Sanderson knows everyone, some even believe some Sanderson's knows who assassinated J.F. Kennedy, and the whereabouts of 2-Pac, they also know every famous sports star on earth because they are part of the vast Sanderson family tree.

(e.g. Chris Hoy - 2nd Cousin )

Urban legend has it a 'Sanderson' once sat next to Bill gates on the bus and advised him that computers would definitely catch on. Need i say anymore, Sanderson knows everyone and everything.
Teacher "Does anyone know anything about windsurfing" ?

Millie "My friend Alice is amazing at windsurfing, she's been doing it for years and just won the England Championships"

Jake "Steady on Shat, we got ourselves a Sanderson"
by 123 abc April 22, 2016
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When someone picks their nose, nails or various blemishes (zits, moles, warts, etc.) on their face and eats it or flicks it on other people.
"He's so gross! He's such a Sanderson."

"Ewww did you see what he just did? He just pulled a Sanderson."
by M.N.M. January 05, 2009
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A Sanderson is a broke ass soilder, that soilder is no good. He is one of Jerry's Kids, a rag bag and he is fucking you. He's not your friend!
That broke dick permanent profile soilder is such a Sanderson when it come to TAC detail.
by Franky from the block July 02, 2009
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