divine being
by bern fan September 6, 2003
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where do you live?
Man - in Bern city
by wowi November 22, 2003
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West Frysian for 'children'. Related to the Scottish 'bairn', which is derived from the Old English 'bearn'.
Hawwe jo de bern út skoalle helle?

Did you pick up the children from school? Literal: Did you get the children out of school?
by Swesbed December 3, 2019
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The berning sensation you feel after getting VD.
by Teri November 10, 2003
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a word to describe one who dresses and acts ostensibly emo, yet exudes happiness and general holiday spirit
You are so berns right now, sitting by yourself in the dark of your living room with your hood up while drinking eggnog and listening to christmas music.
by hohoyoyo December 27, 2010
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The best orgasm you’ve ever had. 100% of the time given by a guy named Bern (short for Bernie) who knows how to please women in every way and is the best at everything he does. It's so intense, it makes every cell of your body hot and makes you scream with pleasure as it rolls through your body.
That Bern I had this morning was so intense, I woke up the neighbors.
by livelove04 February 6, 2010
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