To lose the plot - usually with a lot of cursing, swearing and wild gesticulating.
"Bob is going completely berko over that mistake!"
"His team lost the match and he just went berko!"
"If I don't get served next I'm going to go berko!"
by Schlub October 1, 2007
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When someone is crazy, or insane. Off the deep end. Berserk. A nutter.
"Watch out for Ethan, he's totally berko!"
by Colin Kelly March 25, 2006
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Too 'lose the plot' as to say. Yell abuse etc...

Mentally or emotionally upset; deranged: berko with grief.
One that is violent, upset, or unrestrained.
A situation has not worked out as you hoped (you go 'berko')
by Neri August 8, 2006
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1. An affectionate abbreviation of the name of the hertfordshire town Berkhamsted, used by the working class and middle class residents alike (see berkhamsted).

2. A word used to describe someone as racist, xenophobic, and totally anaware of any world outside of Berkhamsted. Specifically coined at the University of Sussex, in the mid-2000's. Particularly used by drama students.
1. "Come on Berko! Come on Berko! COME ON BERKO!" - Commonly heard on saturday afternoons at the Lilywhite 'stadium'.
"Uh, yah! I, like, go to Berko girls' school"

2. -"Are there gunna be any darkies there?"
-"God, you're so berko"
by Kyle Ross Richardson May 18, 2007
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Jerome: Ay bruh u see dat thot?
Jamal: ya bruh she was fuckin berko

Ennis M. Lester: damn! That toddler is so fucking berko!
by BigTunaKill December 31, 2018
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A phrase used in connection to the town of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, to describe the complete isolation of it's inhabitants to the outside world. It is a town of extremes, where the rich rub shoulders with the pseudo-poor (true poverty doesn't exist here). A juxtaposition of the beauty of the chilltern landscape against the grotesque failings of human nature. But alas, the failings and flaws of this historic town go ignored, unseen, brushed under the rug, by the parochial, closed-minded natives and the bubble remains intact.
Person 1:"He's Berko born and bred, He goes down the crown every friday and I heard he's getting married to his cousin next week"

Person 2: "That's the Berko Bubble for you"

Person 1:"She's Lived in berko her whole life. She's a posh bitch, with an unjustifiable sense of entitlement who has no concept of the the trials and tribulations of real life."

Person 2: "That's the Berko Bubble for you"

Person 1:"She spends all her daddy's money on feeding her crack habit because there's nothing else to do in this town."

Person 2: "Again, the Berko Bubble for you"
by Daisy Devine August 30, 2011
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To brutalise a female partner in bed to the point she no longer wants intercourse.
Did you hear Matt gave that girl last night The Berko Special
by supreme benefactor February 6, 2017
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