8 definitions by Kazi

a drifter is a guy who drifts his car
Look, there he his, the drifter with his AE86
by Kazi May 01, 2002
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When you "floss" something you show it for other ppl, often the other sex.
I'm flossin my Ice so i can bang that babe
by Kazi May 01, 2002
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Definition - Flying octopus

Pretty much a octopus if it could fly fam.
by Kazi February 19, 2021
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A idiot who thinks he can say whatever he wants to you
I just scratched the whole side of my boss benz, that idiot thinks he can do whatever he wants!
by Kazi May 01, 2002
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A R/C car is a radio controlled car, which you can race with tohers
I just raced my R/C car with my friend!
by Kazi May 01, 2002
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