An awesome ass, baller ass juice god who will get any girl within a ten mile radius of him. What a fucking legend.
Hayden: "Babe, where are you going?"
Hayden's girlfriend: "Sorry man Benji is in town I have to go for a minute"
by BadSpellar March 11, 2021
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"I'll sell it for a Benjie."
by Danger Orange May 30, 2018
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Benji, a curly haired boy who is funny,weird,loving,caring, and friendly. He is always there to listen and will try to help you out with anything he loves all people and will do anything just to see smiles on your face everyday. Benji a person and symbol of positivity
"Wow, you are just so benji today"
by Whitechickass February 25, 2019
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The best boyfriend anyone could ask for, Nobody can compare. The one person who you think is your soulmate, the one person you've ever truly been in love with.
by MapleFace June 26, 2021
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short for benjamin franklins, or $100 bills.
My corporate job is super boring, but the benjis hold me over.
by Gvibe7 April 21, 2006
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Literally the most hung guy you’ll meet. Talk to him and you’ll fall for him in minutes. Never cheated in his life
Benji is my fucking daddy
by November 20, 2018
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