"I'll sell it for a Benjie."
by Danger Orange May 30, 2018

Describes a pathetic sub-human who performs tasks for another, usually degrading in status.

Also see bitch.
Daniel: Why does that little cocksucker do everything for you?

Jesse: Because he's a Benjie...

Daniel: True.
by kwikfire July 17, 2009

A small boy trap in an adult body. Regardless of the body type this person has a big heart. Will make every one grin not smile with his corny joke.
Man: Knock Knock
Girl: Who's there?
Man: Baldabid
Girl: Baldabid who?
Man: You know I'm all 'boutdabid baldabid 2x
Girl: you are so benjie
by Joker@Work April 26, 2016
He is good at everything he does and like to play soccer. He is caring and loving and obviously has a crush on someone
Man: Does someone like you

Girl: I don’t know

Man: 🤔 its probably Benjie
by Couple stalkers 😻👀 February 19, 2018
He likes to have s*x with every type of chair. He has a .5 mm pp. He loves to moon people. He looks like a oompa loompa.
Oh god its Benjie!!!!!!!
A marijuana cigar, also known as blunt bitch.
Yo damrcus roll that fire into a benjie
by Stfwmjs January 4, 2017
Benjie is an amazing person and is outgoing. She always looks amazing but never knows it. She has the most beautiful smile.
Person: “ wow

Person : “ wow”

Friend: “ looking good Benjie”
by #sistahrubalynn May 7, 2018