The Beer Shit is a phenomenon that occurs the day after a particularly heavy drinking session. Students are particularly vulnerable.

The 'victim' awakens and spends the first few minutes in a daze, trying desperately to remember where they were last night, when they came back, who they came back with and how they managed to take their jeans off and climb into bed the wrong way round without taking their shoes off. The 'victim' then becomes aware of the irresistable urge to empty their bowels. This process is known as the 'Beer Shit'.

It is not unusual for the Beer Shit to be stubborn and to insist that the 'victim' empties their bowels at least three times during that day in order to complete the job. The amount of toilet paper required to clean up after each 'mini-Beer Shit' is substantial, as is the stench that fills the house afterwards.

However, once a particularly nasty Beer Shit has been despensed with, the 'victim' feels infinitely better immediately and is ready to commence alcoholic consumption straight away to start the process again.
Derek's drinking exploits last night lead to a particularly nasty Beer Shit emerging from his rectal passage this morning.
by Jon Fox January 16, 2005
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A runny, burning, putrid smelling dump the morning after a night of heavy beer drinking. All beers produce beer shits, however, it has been theorized that cheap beers such as "Natural Ice" produce the most painful and smelliest.
I drank a 12 pack of Natty Ice last night and am paying for it today. It feels like a beer shit is brewing.
by Howie Feldersnatch2221 December 7, 2009
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the inevitable nasty shits after a hard night of drinking
by bmacd October 12, 2003
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After a night of drinking this is the painful shit. Usually it burns on the way out and requires a lot of effort, it also had some weird chemical that seems to give it both adhesive and cohesive qualities.
E.g. That was the worst Beer Shit ever. It burnt and took ages.
by ZebRollerAx7 January 2, 2005
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When you drink so much beer your shit is turns into beer.
I got so shit-faced I took the nastiest beer shit!
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
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noun; including but not limited to the diarrhea-esque, liquid squirt of fecal matter out of oneself after a night of too many beers.
Bro: Dude, how was last night, man?!
Bra: Never mind last night bro, I had the worst beer shits this morning!
by Adam Fly February 24, 2008
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When you can shit through a tennis racket and not hit the strings.
Don't go in the bathroom, I just let down some serious beer shits.
by David From Austin September 11, 2007
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