the tennis racket is used to play tennis, obviously
Hey, want to play some tennis?
Sure! Let me bring my tennis rackets!
by DJ NINJA9 November 06, 2020
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A guy frequently spotted playing with children's no-no parts. After a good touch, he proceeds to spank the child with the tennis racket. How disturbing! He finds this entertaining. After this, he buys a corn dog.
Henry: some guy just pulled down my trousers and spanked me with a tennis racket.
Me: That's disturbing!
Henry:He said his name was Vince the Homosexual with a Tennis Racket
by KnowWhat Imtalkin bout December 30, 2011
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Bear fit n dat- Big bunda- hot Gets all the children (dw he now has a retaining order hes not allowed within a 3 mile radius of a child of primary school)
Fraiser Tennis Racket is bear fit
by Smolly, bradshaw July 09, 2021
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