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Pretending to care because it is in your employment training;
Fake caring in order to secure trust;
Presenting a caring attitude to advance a business profile and profits.
You are fake caring just to make me believe you actually care about me.
by private-polymath November 25, 2018
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The uncontrollable drive or habituation toward creating or perpetuating drama, everywhere one goes in life.
She is such a drama queen; she suffers from drama addiction!
by private-polymath February 11, 2019
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In the seventies brewers made beer that was 3.2% in alcohol content, to sell in States that allowed anyone over 18 years old to buy it. Real beer, sold only to 21+, has double or even triple that amount of alcohol, like for the stouts. So teens would need twice as much to get drunk, and then spend lots of trips to piss it out: Hence, "piss beer" was born!
We were still too young to buy stout beer and so we settled for piss beer.
by private-polymath September 7, 2021
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Limited to 160-characters at a time, what's written is too long for my mind; it's TLCR and I need to be breast-fed much smaller bites of information, for whenever I screw things up, because the blunt is burning up next the paused video game.
by private-polymath February 12, 2022
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